Thursday, March 19, 2015


Not that you are in imminent danger or anything, but please be informed that I, Alisa, am no longer running I let the domain expire almost a year ago and it was consequently snatched up by someone else who then copied my entire website and put it back up. I can't find any ads on the website (can you?), so I'm not sure why they even did this if they aren't profiting off of it somehow. On top of that, they are still advertising "Website Design by Mod Printables" at the bottom of each page, which links to my personal Etsy shop. So I suppose if anyone is profiting off of it, it would be me. The main issue I have with it is that they are still claiming that "Alisa" is the owner of the website (found in the "Site" section of which is no longer true. I wanted to clarify that just in case they do something crazy or inappropriate with the website and still claim that I am running it. I have three lovely, and crazy little kids, and have no time to keep up with the website so I can assure you, I am no longer the owner. :)

That is all! Thank you for reading and stay classy.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Andy Samberg - Latest Updates

Hello! I am alive, do not fear! I just so happen to have two kids 2 years old and under that take up pretty much all of my time! :)

I will no longer be updating this blog 3 times a week as I previously did (Movie Monday, Wordy Wednesday, Photo Friday). Instead, I will update it occasionally (when I find the time in between diaper changes and tantrums) with the latest news, videos, and photos of Andy. Sound good? Alright. :)

Congrats, Andy! He got married to his long time girlfriend, (and fiancee since February 2013), Joanna Newsom on Saturday, September 21st, 2013. Your fans are so happy for you and we wish you a lifetime of happiness together!
Andy Samberg, Joanna Newsom Wedding Details Revealed
Andy Samberg, Joanna Newsom's Wedding: New Details on Star Guests, the Dress and More
Andy Samberg Cried During Wedding Speech! Learn More About His Magical Day Here!
Andy Samberg and Terry Crews talk about the 'Cloudy' sequel and their 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' series
Andy Samberg Talks About Going From SNL to ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’
A Wiseguy, Retooled for Police Work: Andy Samberg Talks About His New Sitcom, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’


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